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July 14 – 17, 2014: Time for another Cub Scout summer day camp. I volunteered again this year and ran the field sports station for the entire camp. There were several cool sport things we did but the most fun was the life-size foosball game!

Z was put in a group of Webelos and rotated to different stations each day. He loves day camp and gets to do so many cool things at camp! This year he excelled at the bbgun range and won the Webelos bbgun shooting competition. He got the closest shot on the card. Super cool dude! He got to cook, make a puppet and put on a show, make wood crafts, throw hammers, do relays, field sports, shoot arrows and bbguns, and he even got to camp out on the last night there with his Dad. Together they pitched their tent, cooked their meals, went geocaching and had a campfire.

I even got to travel camp one day with his group and I got to shoot arrows. I sure had a great time getting to experience some of Z’s last Cub Scout camp he will have since he will be transitioning into Boy Scouts soon. Cub Scout day camp is always a blast and Z and I always come home super tired!

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Hike and Mariners

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Cub Scouts, Friends, Weekend Activities

June 14, 2014: Hubby and Z went on a day hike with C and his Dad. They had such a great time checking out stuff. Later that evening we went to the Mariners vs. Texas Rangers baseball game with our Cub Scout pack. Of course Z wore his Texas Rangers hat to irritate everyone :-).

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Cub Scout end of year party

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June 3, 2014: Our Cub Scout pack had our annual end of year party and final awards. Always such a great time! We had hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings and gobs of desserts. Then the kids played tons of Highland games that H created for the kids. SUCH A FUN TIME!!!

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Microsoft Store

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Cub Scouts

May 18, 2014: Our Cub Scout pack attended another workshop given by Microsoft at the store in the mall. They taught the kids some stuff about computers and video games and sent them on a scavenger hunt throughout the store. Since Z earned his loops last year he still got credit for them. Another fun day with scouts.

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Den 3 Rules!

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Cub Scouts

May 14, 2014: Today was our last den meeting until school begins again in the fall. Hubby surprised the boys in the den with a party. They thought they were coming for a regular den meeting but we had cake to celebrate how awesome our boys were! They played basketball and a fun t-shirt game. Then everyone had cake and we sent them home all sugared up. 🙂

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District Pinewood Derby

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May 10, 2014: We attended our Cub Scout’s district pinewood derby. Hubby and I volunteered to help with the event. Z raced both his car and his Dad’s derby. His Dad’s car finished first place in the Webelos rank.

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Pack Meeting and Webelos Stand

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Cub Scouts, School

May 6, 2014: Z ended his school day as crossing guard. He has always wanted to do crossing guard. That was his goal when he was in Kindergarten so today was pretty special to him.

Z also had another Cub Scout pack meeting. They had such a great demonstration of how to hand pound arrowheads, got to view several different animal skins and arrowheads, and learned about mountain men. Our Cub Master also unveiled the big Webelos stand she made and our boys will be the first boys on the stand for years to come. How cool H!! What a great idea!

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Pack Awards

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May 3, 2014: We attended the Chief Seattle Council District awards dinner. They hand out awards to units for various things. Our Cub Scout pack totally rocks! We won several awards; Pack of the Year, Cub Master of the Year, Scouting Family of the Year, and Chartered Organization of the Year. What an honor to be awarded these! The boys in our pack sure have the best time and hopefully will hold all the memories close in their hearts! I know I will!

2014-05-03 19.20.332014-05-03 19.45.21PackphotoScoutingFamilyRMZ

Picking up Trash with Scouts

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April 26, 2014: Our Cub Scout pack did a park clean up at Pine Lake Park. The boys did such a great job cleaning up the park. We even found a small homemade bomb and called the police. Turns out it was safe but definitely was the craziest thing we found.

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Pack Meeting and Cake

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April 1, 2014: We had our monthly pack meeting for Cub Scouts. Another fun meeting with games and laughs! The pack even gave me a birthday cake. Thank you L. I know it was your idea 🙂

2014-04-01 19.32.192014-04-01 19.36.062014-04-01 19.48.362014-04-01 20.03.53