Point Definace Zoo with Friends

Posted: February 6, 2016 in Friends, Summer Time

July 2, 2014: Z and I went to the Point Defiance Zoo with L and her kids. It was a gorgeous day outside and absolutely perfect for a new zoo exploration. We got to pet stingray, ride camels, hand feed birds, watch a cute animal show, and see lots of cool animals. Z even took a bunch of pictures. He is the one that took the cool tiger and squirrel picture. What a great day with friends!

2014-07-02 12.55.112014-07-02 13.12.54-12014-07-02 13.21.512014-07-02 13.43.122014-07-02 13.53.002014-07-02 14.15.012014-07-02 14.19.522014-07-02 14.37.012014-07-02 14.38.392014-07-02 14.51.232014-07-02 14.52.102014-07-02 15.19.242014-07-02 16.10.032014-07-02 17.13.162014-07-02 17.17.432014-07-02 17.50.51DSCN2211DSCN2224DSCN2321DSCN2328DSCN2354DSCN2399photo1photo4


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