Z and Roo

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Friends in town, Summer Time

June 22 – 27, 2014: C (Roo) came to stay with us again. Z and C are the bestest of friends and they always have a great time together! We always stop at the store to stock up on junk food for the boys and today was no different. Check out the shopping cart of crap.

The boys had such a blast! They played video games, Jenga, played outside, had their trampoline time, had water fights, went roller skating, went to the indoor pool fun place in Lynnwood, went to the park, and gobs more stuff. Love these boys so much!!!2014-06-22 16.01.082014-06-22 16.47.532014-06-24 22014-06-24 13.58.082014-06-24 14.15.322014-06-24 14.17.20-12014-06-24 14.18.482014-06-24 14.39.232014-06-25 13.54.392014-06-25 14.10.242014-06-25 15.18.302014-06-25 17.06.372014-06-26 12.57.012014-06-27 11.17.38


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