Pack Meeting and Webelos Stand

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Cub Scouts, School

May 6, 2014: Z ended his school day as crossing guard. He has always wanted to do crossing guard. That was his goal when he was in Kindergarten so today was pretty special to him.

Z also had another Cub Scout pack meeting. They had such a great demonstration of how to hand pound arrowheads, got to view several different animal skins and arrowheads, and learned about mountain men. Our Cub Master also unveiled the big Webelos stand she made and our boys will be the first boys on the stand for years to come. How cool H!! What a great idea!

2014-05-06 15.49.262014-05-06 15.49.402014-05-06 18.53.572014-05-06 18.54.372014-05-06 18.54.532014-05-06 19.02.162014-05-06 19.03.262014-05-06 19.04.402014-05-06 19.28.352014-05-06 19.30.182014-05-06 19.53.152014-05-06 20.06.312014-05-06 20.46.262014-05-06 20.46.442014-05-06 20.50.00

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