Happy Easter!

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Holidays

April 20, 2014: Gotta love the Easter Bunny! He hides so many plastic eggs filled with goodies. Z just loves diving into the Easter basket and hunting for eggs. We had such a nice relaxing day. Z even made a breakfast quiche and made mac and cheese for lunch. Lots of calories but oh so yummy!

2014-04-20 08.48.112014-04-20 08.54.442014-04-20 09.00.592014-04-20 09.06.592014-04-20 09.09.082014-04-20 09.21.552014-04-20 09.22.332014-04-20 09.23.142014-04-20 09.28.192014-04-20 10.02.242014-04-20 10.09.242014-04-20 10.12.012014-04-20 10.15.502014-04-20 11.02.332014-04-20 11.07.592014-04-20 18.23.182014-04-20 19.10.11


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