Zoo Camp 2014

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Cub Scouts, Weekend Activities

March 15-15, 2014: Our Cub Scout Pack did another overnight camp at the zoo but this time I got to go with Z. It was so much fun! We got to meet and sleep in the Zoomazium and got to go tour the zoo at night. The program was called “a Zoo Keeper’s Life” so we got to experience some of the behind the scenes that the zoo keepers get to do. We also got to see where all the food is stored for all the animals. We even got to go into the freezer there they keep freeze dried animals that they use for food. The biggest frozen animal we saw was a big bunny but they said they have frozen horse parts for the lions, etc. Creepy huh! The kids loved it! Well, at least my kid did 🙂

We got to eat dinner in the Zoomazium and had a close encounter session with a snake and a blue tongued skink. Yes, I touched them both. The boys also got to make enrichment boxes for some birds that they put out for the birds the next morning. After the zoo tour the kids got to play on the playscape and then we settled in for the night. We woke to some silly music that the tour guides played and after breakfast we went on another tour of the zoo. This time we got to see some animals just waking up. The wolves were the coolest part.

We couldn’t stay and hang out at the zoo after the program because we had tickets to another activity. See next post 🙂

2014-03-15 19.31.06 2014-03-15 19.35.32 2014-03-15 20.53.48 2014-03-15 20.54.55 2014-03-15 21.05.11 2014-03-15 21.06.22 2014-03-15 21.07.15 2014-03-15 21.07.41 2014-03-15 21.07.58 2014-03-15 21.08.52 2014-03-15 21.09.21 2014-03-15 21.17.39 2014-03-15 21.20.02 2014-03-15 21.37.18 2014-03-15 21.39.10-2 2014-03-15 22.07.16 2014-03-16 08.01.05 2014-03-16 08.53.56 2014-03-16 09.05.18 2014-03-16 09.17.36


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