That’s a Bunch of Bull!

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Weekend Activities

March 16, 2014:  Literally! But first, a little back story. We were driving to take C back to Portland on of the times he came to visit and Z saw the advertisement on the marquee at the Tacoma Dome that the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) would be there in March. And since he did a big presentation on the Rodeo when he was in 3rd grade he really wanted to see bull riding (one of the events in rodeos). So we bought tickets to go and the countdown until PBR started.

So March 16 finally arrived and we had to rush home from zoo camp so we could get cleaned up in time to drive to Tacoma for the PBR. We had the best seats and were so close to the event floor. We sure had a great time and it brought back so many memories of when I used to go to the Houston Rodeo when I was younger. Boy do I miss Texas now! Z thought it was super cool and the event was on ESPN too! And don’t get me started on the crazy rodeo clowns, love those guys! After the show, the bull riders went around and signed autographs for all the kids. These group of young men were so polite and kind to take time out for the kids. Z talked about how cool the show was the whole way home. And when he got home he proudly displayed his autographed program on his dresser and it is still there. (I am a bit late in this posting)

2014-03-16 14.41.27 2014-03-16 14.46.22 2014-03-16 14.52.54 2014-03-16 15.01.02 2014-03-16 15.12.45 2014-03-16 15.25.29 2014-03-16 17.18.21 2014-03-16 17.18.44 2014-03-16 17.19.18 2014-03-16 17.19.23 2014-03-16 17.20.13 2014-03-16 17.22.11 2014-03-16 17.22.49 2014-03-16 17.23.13 2014-03-16 17.24.15 2014-03-16 17.44.24



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