Pinewood Derby 2014

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Cub Scouts

March 4, 2014: It is Pinewood Derby time in Cub Scouts! This is always such a fun time for everyone! The boys build their own cars (most build their own) and some of the siblings and parents also build cars. Each race is fun to watch. But this year the cars hit the finish line bumper so hard that there were a lot of cars that got mangled. Some cars even lost parts because the cars hit the end so hard. Unfortunately, Z’s car had troubles this year. It started out going really strong and doing well but the wheels got all jacked up causing drag and his race time to worsen with each race. The bummer part is we had no idea the wheels were all jacked up so we didn’t know to fix them before racing again. Z ended up in the top 16 in the Pack, but he was a bit upset because his dad’s car finished in the top three of the parent race.

No matter the outcome of the race, I am proud of Z for designing and building a totally awesome derby car! He did win the Best Wood Carving award in the Pack!

2014-03-04 19.12.32 2014-03-04 19.18.34 2014-03-04 19.24.11 2014-03-04 19.29.59 2014-03-04 19.46.47 2014-03-04 19.47.41 2014-03-04 20.24.21 2014-03-04 20.40.37


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