4th Grade Science Fair

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Around the House, General Information, School

March 26, 2014: The 4th graders had to participate in the school’s science fair this year. They had well over a month to come up and execute a science fair topic. Z’s topic was “What to Water With”. Basically he grew three sets of beans and watered each plant with something different. He recorded his findings over a three week period of time. He was to create a journal and a display board showing his finding. What did he water with? Funny you should ask. Water, capri-sun, and milk were his choices. Everything was fine until the plant watered with milk rotted and the house smelled like SHIT. Literally! It smelled like SHIT! But we decided to powered through for science. Well, after three weeks of it, I couldn’t stand it anymore and that dang plant being watered with milk had to go! Of course my boy thought the smell of SHIT in the house was funny! Silly kid.

Back to the serious part of the project. The best thing to water plants with is …. water! Z did an outstanding job in his project! He got the top score he could get for his project! I am so proud of him!

2014-03-26 08.50.44 2014-03-26 08.51.01 2014-03-26 19.23.04 2014-03-26 19.28.18 2014-03-26 19.28.38

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