Blue and Gold Banquet 2014

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Cub Scouts

February 4, 2014: Our Cub Scout Pack celebrated the Boy Scouts of America’s 104th birthday by hosting a Blue and Gold Banquet for all the families in our Pack. The theme this year was space and we had a great time. Our Cub Master built a huge rocketship and handmade a bunch of fun space themed games and even showed up dressed like an alien. The boys had a blast playing the games. We also had Qdoba cater the evening like we did last year. So yummy!

I also handed out fun awards for the leaders. That was something I started last year and really had a great time creating the silly themed awards. The way I look at it is the leaders do a lot to help out since we are all volunteers and they boys are always getting awards so why not the leaders. I gave my hubby who is a den leader for the Webelos the “Raisin Pay” award. I came up with that because he is always helping me with stuff even beyond his den leader role and he deserves a raise in pay – get it…since it is a volunteer role. 🙂 The award had a pyramid of raisins stacked on a block of wood. Hopefully everyone else enjoys that part of Blue and Gold like I do. Ya never know…..

2014-02-04 17.56.19 2014-02-04 17.57.28 2014-02-04 17.59.14 2014-02-04 18.01.55 2014-02-04 18.12.43 2014-02-04 18.25.48 2014-02-04 19.03.48 2014-02-04 19.05.09 2014-02-04 19.05.34 2014-02-04 19.25.01 WP_20140204_003


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