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February 14, 2014: Well it is Valentine’s Day! I have always wanted to get heart shaped pizzas from Papa Murphy’s so I insisted on doing that this year. I got Z a cheese pizza and hubby his creations. I also bought them a dessert pizza. Oh so tempting! But since I am on Weight Watchers and watching my food, I made myself some vegetable filled scrambled eggs. It was a nice Valentine’s Day with my wonderful family!

Earlier in the day Z was asked by our school’s vice principal to present Panda Express with an award as they are our sponsors for the Leader In Me program at school. I think he did such a great job and was so professional about it! So proud!

2014-02-14 18.29.46 2014-02-14 19.53.31

2014-02-14 16.16.15 2014-02-14 16.16.11


February 11, 2014: Now most of my blog is about Z and the fun stuff he gets to do but this time I just had to share something big that has happened to me. I started Weight Watchers in January 2013 and as of today, I have lost 69 pounds! I am beyond proud and thrilled! It has been a great journey learning a new healthy lifestyle.

I have had a black dress in my closet from many many years ago so I thought I would try it on to see if it was close to fitting again. HOLY MOLY it fit! I was so excited so I had hubby snap a picture really fast. Barefoot and everything!

Posted below is my before picture from November 2012 and the picture of me wearing the black dress many many years ago when I was thin and young. And the one from today. I am beyond thrilled it fits again!

My Weight Watchers leader asked me to provide her with my before and after pictures so she could post in the lobby of my meetings. What a compliment!

2014-02-11 15.02.09

2014-02-11 15.01.21 2014-02-11 14.53.28

Celebration pie!

2014-02-18 21.05.24

February 9, 2014: We had a feeling that it was going to snow overnight and it sure did! We woke up to the prettiest blanket of white outside! Ahh the look of fresh snow is gorgeous! But we didn’t get much and it quit snowing so we knew Z better get to playing in it before it melted. Z always loves to make a snowman so that is exactly what he and hubby started to do. I think the guy turned out pretty cool looking! The added hair is thanks to Echo and Shadow who got brushed. Great creation guys!

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Blue and Gold Banquet 2014

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Cub Scouts

February 4, 2014: Our Cub Scout Pack celebrated the Boy Scouts of America’s 104th birthday by hosting a Blue and Gold Banquet for all the families in our Pack. The theme this year was space and we had a great time. Our Cub Master built a huge rocketship and handmade a bunch of fun space themed games and even showed up dressed like an alien. The boys had a blast playing the games. We also had Qdoba cater the evening like we did last year. So yummy!

I also handed out fun awards for the leaders. That was something I started last year and really had a great time creating the silly themed awards. The way I look at it is the leaders do a lot to help out since we are all volunteers and they boys are always getting awards so why not the leaders. I gave my hubby who is a den leader for the Webelos the “Raisin Pay” award. I came up with that because he is always helping me with stuff even beyond his den leader role and he deserves a raise in pay – get it…since it is a volunteer role. 🙂 The award had a pyramid of raisins stacked on a block of wood. Hopefully everyone else enjoys that part of Blue and Gold like I do. Ya never know…..

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February 1, 2014: We went to a huge Lego event at City Hall. They had tons of Legos set up for kids to look at and play with. Now this was pure torture for me but pure heaven for Z and hubby. They could build Legos for hours. Me, not so much! I played along for a little bit but I have no Lego building talent so I just enjoyed watching them build stuff. We even ran into some friends there. The newspaper was there covering the event but they didn’t do any pieces that focused on Z and hubby. When the newspaper came out, hubby was in one of the pictures but he had his body turned so not very noticeable. But, hey – we will take it 🙂

2014-02-01 11.43.00 2014-02-01 11.47.14 2014-02-01 12.02.27 2014-02-01 12.08.07 2014-02-01 12.11.59 2014-02-01 12.18.38 2014-02-01 13.12.06 2014-02-01 13.18.57

Parent Ed Night at School

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January, 30, 2014: Z’s school is considered a “Leader In Me” school and working towards making “Lighthouse” status. Part of the requirement for getting lighthouse status is to have the leadership team (lighthouse team) host a parent education night explaining the 7 habits. Since Z is on the lighthouse team he was asked to give a presentation to the parents. He always does such a great job speaking in front of large crowds. I am so proud of him!

2014-01-30 18.37.07 2014-01-30 18.37.25 2014-01-30 18.51.13 2014-01-30 18.54.06

January 21, 2014: Z did such a great job at selling popcorn for our Cub Scout Pack’s fundraiser this past fall. Not only did he receive a ton of prizes and gift cards as a thank you for his sales, he was awarded a free ticket to the Council’s pool party. We attended with a friend in the Pack who also received the award. The party was at a community center where the boys were fed pizza and cookies before allowing then access to two huge pools to play in for a couple hours. One of the pools had a lazy river, water slides, and spray features. The other pool had diving boards. The boys had a BLAST playing in the water. Even hubby played with them a little. L and I sat in the bleachers watching.

I’ve included a picture of Z and hubby playing a travel game that our friends, the G family, gave us when we moved from Austin to here. I also included a picture of Z and his dog, Echo. She has the prettiest eyes! The last picture is Z after he made dinner for us. Over sized nachos rock!

2014-01-24 18.53.30 2014-01-25 18.19.35-4 2014-01-25 18.27.56 2014-01-25 18.27.57 2014-01-25 18.36.42 2014-01-25 18.36.43 2014-01-25 18.36.43-1 2014-01-25 18.38.42-1 2014-01-25 18.57.47 2014-01-26 10.45.17 2014-01-26 19.23.29

Flag Ceremony

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January 21, 2014: Our Cub Scout Pack was invited to do the opening flag ceremony for the City of Sammamish City Council Meeting. One boy from each rank within our Pack was selected to perform the ceremony. Z was the one selected to call the commands of the ceremony. The boys all did such a great job and were so professional about it. Turns out there was an editor from the local newspaper and he put a great picture of the boys in the newspaper. And since all City Council meetings are recorded and played on our local cable channel, the boys were on television as well. VERY COOL!

2014-01-28 16.12.38-1 city flag ceremony

Winter Camp 2014

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January 17 to January 19, 2014: It is winter camp time again with cub scouts so hubby and Z went! Z attended last year and had an absolute blast! But this year was a little different….there was NO SNOW. How on earth do you have a winter camp without winter? Well, the camp directors took great care of that. The boys were busy every second of each day playing a ton of games, shooting bb guns, shooting bow and arrows, hikes, leather crafts, other crafts, whittling, hiking. cooking, campfire, skits, and the list goes on. Last year, since there was snow, the boys spent a lot of time tubing and missed some of the other camp activities. So this year’s lack of snow was a nice surprise. The boys had a blast!

What did mom do while the guys were away at camp? Well, she scrapbooked some with her dear friend, A. 🙂

2014-01-17 22.39.00 2014-01-18 06.40.14 2014-01-18 07.02.00 2014-01-18 08.21.48 2014-01-18 09.20.28 2014-01-18 09.22.02 2014-01-18 10.09.18 2014-01-18 10.10.36 2014-01-18 10.12.41 2014-01-18 10.15.19 2014-01-18 10.21.31 2014-01-18 13.36.56 2014-01-18 13.37.12



January 15, 2014: Z is in the leadership club at school and absolutely loves all the speaking opportunities he gets to do being in the club. This year the leadership club was invited to attend a school district board meeting. The club leader only selected 5 kids to attend the meeting and Z was selected. During the meeting each kid did a presentation about leadership and how thankful they were to be a Leader In Me school. Each kid also made and  gave each board member a thank you note. Z did such a great job presenting and his thank you note was for the school district superintendent. The board members were very impressed; as was I!

Z ended the day with a quick go-kart ride. He just loves that thing…..good purchase!

2014-01-15 16.10.19 2014-01-15 18.34.56 2014-01-15 19.00.22 2014-01-15 19.29.24 2014-01-15 19.30.22