Gingerbread High-rise

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Around the House, Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Christmas, Weekend Activities

December 23, 2013: I picked up a gingerbread village kit from Michael’s craft store and thought Z would enjoy making the village. Well, I should have known that he likes to make things different because he wanted to combine everything to make a new creation. He had a vision….. So with the help of his father he created a very cool gingerbread high-rise. They had fun building it but it did take a while because they had to put the pieces in the freezer to set the icing. Their hard work paid off because I think it it totally cool! Leave it to Z to be different. I sure love that boy!

2013-12-23 19.53.48 2013-12-23 20.50.31 2013-12-23 20.51.02 2013-12-23 20.51.13 2013-12-23 20.51.48 2013-12-23 21.10.51 2013-12-23 21.16.57-1 2013-12-23 21.17.39


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