Construction Tour and Building Stuff

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Cub Scouts

November 27, 2013: Z had two cub scout den meetings this day. The first den meeting was a tour of several homes in the building process. The boys got to look at all stages of a house being built; dirt pile and foundation, framing, dry-walling, wiring/plumbing, and the finished product. They even got to read blueprints. The boys thought the tour was really cool! The guy was so great with the boys. He answered all their questions – and there were a lot. He also brought in cupcakes and goodie bags for the boys. What a great tour!

During the second den meeting, the boys got to make a few things. One was a cool pinewood derby car display stand, a coin tennis ball and popsicle sticks bomb. They had such a great time working towards their engineering and craftsman pins.

2013-11-27 14.08.57 2013-11-27 14.10.45 2013-11-27 14.11.10 2013-11-27 14.59.13 2013-11-27 19.20.27 2013-11-27 19.33.32 2013-11-27 19.35.50 2013-11-27 19.38.23 2013-11-27 19.59.53 2013-11-27 20.33.46 2013-11-27 20.35.34-2


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