Christmas Decorations and Finding Out

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Around the House, Holidays, Weekend Activities

December 4, 2013: Well, it is officially December and we are late putting up our tree. It is always such a chore to pull out all the decorations and it seems like each year I put less and less out. Plus each year I wonder if this is going to be the year Z finds out about you know who. We spent the day putting up the tree and decorating the house. It was fun looking back at all our ornaments remembering when we got each of the special pieces and which friends gave us which ones, and the ages Z was when he made some of them. The hand-print ornaments are especially special!

After we decorated the house, our Elf on the Shelf came to visit. Mr. Shelf left a note, like he usually does, and hid in an easy to find location. Well, this year Z didn’t tell us he found the elf. Instead, he let it go for a few days before saying anything. That is when we realized that the questions in his head were starting. So we sat down with Z and we had a long talk. In the end it was a sad and happy day. Sad to see the innocence go away but happy to see him mature. We spent the next few days looking back at the old scrapbook pages of past Christmas seasons and reading old letters. It was a special bonding time.

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