Spelling Bee

Posted: March 8, 2014 in School

November 20, 2013: Z participated in the 4th grade spelling bee. He had to take a screening test to even qualify for the test. Once he passed the screening test he was ready for the big day. There were 11 kids in 4th grade that qualified for the spelling bee. Z did a great job spelling hard words (some words that I can’t even spell without spell check on the computer) but got tripped up on the word “carriage”. He knew how to spell it he just flipped the “i” and the “a” and got it wrong. I am so very proud of him for finishing 5th. I think Z liked the Madlibs that were handed out was the best because he just LOVES Madlibs! He was thrilled with his prize!

2013-11-20 15.24.29 2013-11-20 15.44.32 2013-11-20 16.14.31


  1. Laura says:

    You should be proud

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