Nine Pies

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Cub Scouts

November 5, 2013: Each year cub scouts sell popcorn as a pack fundraiser. This was our pack’s second year selling popcorn and we far exceeded the previous year totals – BIG TIME! We did so well that we finished in the top 10 of the overall council – which has gobs of units in it. We announced the top sellers during our November pack meeting and I was awarded a certificate for a billion hours worked during the popcorn sale season. But the best part of the meeting was allowing the scouts that sold $800 and above in popcorn to cash in on one of their incentives. What is that you ask? They got to throw a pie in my face. Yes, I said they got to throw a pie in my face.

I made a t-shirt for the occasion which read “got pie”. I instructed the pie makers to put in extra whipped cream and chocolate sauce. They even added cherries to the pie. Each boy was given one pie for every $800 in sales so that means some boys got to throw two pies. I armed myself with some swim goggles and sat ready and waiting to get messy. Nine pies later…..I had a blast! It was a huge event and the kids and parents had a blast watching me get pelted with pies. I had the BEST time ever and would do it again in a heartbeat.

When I got home I smelled of chocolate so my dogs went insane trying to lick my clothing. After a long shower and lots of nose blowing, I was back to normal. Now I need to plan some other competition where I get to take more pies to the face. GOOD TIMES!

The pack meeting also consisted of a ton of fun games. Our cub master does such a great job planning fun things for the kids to do. She even makes fun costumes. I just love the hat she created for the game show portion of the meeting.

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  1. Laura says:

    And how many pies did you get in your face?

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