Cub Scout Resident Camp

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Cub Scouts, Summer Time

July 25- July 28, 2013: Z and hubby went to resident camp with a few of the scouts in our cub scout pack; I stayed home. All the scouts/dads got to set up camp in an adirondack cabin, which is a 3 sided shelter. It was a pretty rickety cabin that was infested with bugs but once the dads got it all cleaned out it was perfect. They slept in that for 4 nights – good thing it wasn’t too hot. They got to do a lot of fun stuff like canoeing, swimming (after taking a swim test), relay races, archery, bb gun shooting, leather and wood crafts, whittling, fishing, dining hall chores, hikes, leaned about plants and ones that can kill you (that seemed to be his favorite), campfires, skits, knot tying, and more. Each day was filled with tons of activities it’s no wonder why he came home earning 10 awards.  So needless to say, they got home they were exhausted.

2013-07-25 09.59.18 2013-07-25 12.52.42 2013-07-25 16.11.37 2013-07-25 17.48.09 2013-07-26 09.12.40 2013-07-26 11.14.43 2013-07-26 15.52.29 2013-07-26 15.53.48 2013-07-26 20.40.33 2013-07-27 11.27.39 2013-07-27 15.00.11 2013-07-27 16.27.22-1 2013-07-27 16.36.58 (2) 2013-07-28 09.24.37 2013-07-28 10.53.34 IMAG1191 WP_20130726_004 WP_20130727_006


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