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December 24, 2013: Well, Christmas is just one day away and Z couldn’t be happier. Before starting our Christmas Eve traditions, Z had to go over to L’s house to take care of her kitties while she was on vacation. You see, Z took on a job during the Christmas break from school. He signed up to care for 2 kitties for our friends while they were in Hawaii. Z had to feed and water the kitties and clean out the 3 liter boxes. Being the mean mother that I am 🙂 I made him to the job since he was the one getting paid for it. So after hanging around the house and after the kitties were taken care of, it was finally time to bake cookies. Z and I do it every year and this year was no different. After the cookies were made we each opened a present from under the Christmas tree. Z opened Jenga, hubby opened a gift Z made at school, and I opened the most wonderful poem that Z wrote. Later that night we played several games of Jenga and had a blast! Such a perfect Christmas Eve with my family!

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December 23, 2013: I picked up a gingerbread village kit from Michael’s craft store and thought Z would enjoy making the village. Well, I should have known that he likes to make things different because he wanted to combine everything to make a new creation. He had a vision….. So with the help of his father he created a very cool gingerbread high-rise. They had fun building it but it did take a while because they had to put the pieces in the freezer to set the icing. Their hard work paid off because I think it it totally cool! Leave it to Z to be different. I sure love that boy!

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December 21, 2013: Ok, so at one of Z’s cub scout den meetings the snack was peanut butter balls. Since I am really watching my weight I chose not to eat any until after my weigh in date. Since I weighed in on 12/20 I decided to make the peanut butter balls. Let me tell you….they were delicious and simple to make. Turns out we had some extra chocolate so we popped some popcorn and sprinkled the chocolate on top. Z helped me make everything and we even packed some up and to give to friends. Oh, and I think I ate my weight in peanut butter balls. It is easy to do! 🙂

Later that evening we all went to our friend, A’s, house for a Christmas party. Karakoe was involved…that is all I am sayin’. Fun night!

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December 20, 2013: There had been threats of snow but to date we hadn’t gotten lucky until today – it finally snowed and school was cancelled! YAY! I just love how pretty fresh snow looks in the big tall trees. So beautiful! Z woke up and couldn’t wait to get out in the snow and play. So he pulled out the snow pants, his big coat, boots, and winter gloves and out he went. I got to watch the hubby and Z play in the snow and the dogs run around like crazy before heading to a cub scout meeting. When I left the house the guys were building a snowman. Apparently while I was gone they also went sledding in the neighborhood and they ended playtime with a nice cup of peppermint hot chocolate. It was a good thing they got out in the early part of the day because it melted fast.

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December 13 – December 15, 2013:  Z and I went to Portland to help C celebrate his 10th birthday. Z and C have been best friends since they were both born. Since C’s birthday is December 16 we brought Christmas gifts for the kids too. The kids always have such a great time together and of course T and I love our special time together too! What a perfect time with friends – well they are more like family – so what a perfect time with family!

While we were there we went to S’s sister’s house to see all their Christmas lights. Holy cow they have billions of lights. Very pretty!

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Pom Pom Shooter

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December 11, 2013: We hosted another cub scout den meeting at our house. The boys got to work on more stuff towards earning their craftsman pin – making a survival rope and a shooter. Hubby asked me to show the boys how to make the shooters so that is what I did. We made them out of a cut up cup and a balloon. We wanted to launch mini marshmallows but soon decided we didn’t want to lose marshmallows behind the Christmas tree so we opted to launch pom poms. The boys had fun even though it wasn’t marshmallows. We also gave each boy a blinking nose for the holiday.

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December 4, 2013: Well, it is officially December and we are late putting up our tree. It is always such a chore to pull out all the decorations and it seems like each year I put less and less out. Plus each year I wonder if this is going to be the year Z finds out about you know who. We spent the day putting up the tree and decorating the house. It was fun looking back at all our ornaments remembering when we got each of the special pieces and which friends gave us which ones, and the ages Z was when he made some of them. The hand-print ornaments are especially special!

After we decorated the house, our Elf on the Shelf came to visit. Mr. Shelf left a note, like he usually does, and hid in an easy to find location. Well, this year Z didn’t tell us he found the elf. Instead, he let it go for a few days before saying anything. That is when we realized that the questions in his head were starting. So we sat down with Z and we had a long talk. In the end it was a sad and happy day. Sad to see the innocence go away but happy to see him mature. We spent the next few days looking back at the old scrapbook pages of past Christmas seasons and reading old letters. It was a special bonding time.

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Goldrush Pack Meeting

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December 3, 2013: There is gold in them there hills. That was the theme of our cub scout pack meeting. Our cub master came in character and did such a great job. She even made up some super fun games for the boys. They had a blast!

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November 28, 2013: It was such a pretty day here so hubby decided he better put up the Christmas lights. Z couldn’t wait to help out because I said he could climb on the roof. I don’t think he really cared about helping with the lights as much as he liked just being on the roof. Looking back, I do think that I should have been more nervous than I actually was. He loved it up there! I bet he offers to clean out the gutters when the time comes. 🙂

I can tell you that Z didn’t help with the lawn lights because that is boring :). I think the lights turned out really pretty.

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November 27, 2013: Z had two cub scout den meetings this day. The first den meeting was a tour of several homes in the building process. The boys got to look at all stages of a house being built; dirt pile and foundation, framing, dry-walling, wiring/plumbing, and the finished product. They even got to read blueprints. The boys thought the tour was really cool! The guy was so great with the boys. He answered all their questions – and there were a lot. He also brought in cupcakes and goodie bags for the boys. What a great tour!

During the second den meeting, the boys got to make a few things. One was a cool pinewood derby car display stand, a coin tennis ball and popsicle sticks bomb. They had such a great time working towards their engineering and craftsman pins.

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