Mother’s Day 2013

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Holidays, Weekend Activities

May 12, 2013: I just love being a mother! I admit, sometimes it is very challenging but overall it is the best thing ever! I have the best son and the greatest husband in the whole wide world and I love them both very much! I do wish my mother was still alive to celebrate with and for her to see my family as I know she would adore Z! I know in my heart she is with me but I still wish I could hug her.

I had a great mother’s day! I woke up to a cup of coffee (I am on a diet so I don’t want breakfast – I eat my protein bars for breakfast) and some gifts on the kitchen table. I got the Ninja blender and the FitBit One I have been wanting. I just love them both! We did some shopping and went to Mod Pizza for free mother’s day dinner then we caught a movie, the Croods. It was a perfect day with my perfect family! I love you both!


  1. Laura says:

    You deserve it.

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