Leadership day at school

Posted: June 20, 2013 in School

May 30, 2013: Our school is a Leader in Me school. Basically that means that the school practices the 7 habits of highly effective people. I really like what these 7 habits are teaching the kids. In order for our school to become a lighthouse school, there are 9 steps that has to be done and one of the steps is hold a leadership day each year. Z was asked to participate in leadership day this year. He participated in the parent education nights earlier this year and last school year but this is his first time to be part of the actual leadership day.  He was asked to prepare a presentation on one of the 7 habits – his choice – and to create a PowerPoint slide as well. He selected “synergy” and spoke about the time our Cub Scout Pack did the park clean up service project. He wrote the speech all by himself and created the slide too. He did an outstanding job presenting his topic to the whole school the day before leadership day and on the day of the event to over 100 people. The mayor and deputy mayor were in the audience as well an many community leaders and parents. Z spoke loud and proud and memorized his entire speech. He was even asked to introduce the leadership panel as well as the leadership notebooks. Z said he loves to speak in front of large groups and it shows!

The event made the local newspaper and they printed a picture of Z sharing his leadership notebook to one of the guests.

2013-05-30 10.39.38-12013-05-30 10.39.382013-05-30 11.29.52IMAG0362


  1. Laura says:

    His, by far, was the best presentation.

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