Fried bacon oh my!

Posted: June 20, 2013 in General Information, Weekend Activities

May 17, 2013: Z spent the night at his friend L’s house so hubby and I went to John Howie for dinner. I don’t like fancy places because I feel like I don’t fit in and well….it just isn’t my thing. I was very nervous the whole time. I mean the amount of silverware they put in front of me and took away just stressed me out. There is some poor dishwasher in the back in silverware HELL washing them all as fast as they can just to get them brought back again dirty. It was insane the amount of silverware that came and went at our table. Insane I tell you! Then they put this thing on our table that had 3 different salts on it. Really…who needs 3 different salts? One was white, one was pink, and one was black. They has the littlest spoons to serve the various salts with. Not my thing. But the food was the best thing ever. Seriously! Ever! We started with fried bacon. Now I am not normally a fan of bacon but fried bacon is worth eating. Only not much as it is rich! The meal continued with a variety of yummy stuff and the steak was oh so good! We ended with a dessert that the dessert server described as a Twix bar God made. Well of course I needed that! She was right is all I am sayin’

Good thing that place is crazy expensive and a special occasion kind of place or else I would be HUGE! Yum!

Fried bacon

Fried bacon

  1. Laura says:

    I want to go there !!!!!

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