Coloring Easter Eggs 2013

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Around the House, Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Holidays, Weekend Activities

March 30, 2013: Time to dye eggs for Easter. I boiled two dozen eggs and Z had so much fun coloring them. I always say we aren’t going to color that many but always wish I bought more because we all have so much fun making creations. Each year they creations get better and better. I hope we will continue to dye eggs even when Z is much older.

2013-03-30 15.24.03 2013-03-30 15.29.47 2013-03-30 15.31.10 2013-03-30 15.35.48 IMG_5231 IMG_5234 IMG_5235 IMG_5237 IMG_5239 IMG_5240 IMG_5241 IMG_5243 IMG_5248 IMG_5249 IMG_5250

2013-03-30 16.16.24 2013-03-30 16.13.25 2013-03-30 16.09.59

  1. Laura says:

    So much fun. I wish we dyed some this year. We just ran out of time.

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