Winter Camp with Cub Scouts 2013

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Camp, Cub Scouts, Weekend Activities

January 11-13, 2013: Hubby took Z on a Cub Scout camping trip to Camp Sheppard which is in Greenwater, WA in the Snoqualmie National Forest. They went up on Friday night and camp home Sunday afternoon. They had such a great time playing in the snow, tubing, doing leather crafts, whittling, going to the campfire, listening to camp stories and skits around the campfire, participating in the agility course in the woods, etc. They got to sleep in heated cabins and played games in the evenings. There were 13 scouts that went along with their dads and everyone got along perfectly! They can’t wait until next year!

2013-01-13 09.46.11 2013-01-13 09.47.59 2013-01-13 09.48.19 IMG_4900 IMG_4904 IMG_4905

2013-01-13 09.41.29

Z and J

Z and J

2013-01-12 08.58.50



2013-01-12 09.59.46-2 2013-01-12 09.59.47-2

2013-01-12 14.45.08

2013-01-12 14.46.30-1

2013-01-12 14.46.31

2013-01-12 14.46.33

2013-01-12 14.32.27

2013-01-12 14.26.57-1

2013-01-12 14.21.04-1

Camp dog worked the front dest

2013-01-12 11.08.57-1

Snow fort the boys built

Snow fort the boys built

2013-01-13 08.40.52



Breakfast on Sunday on the way home.

Breakfast on Sunday on the way home.

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