Reindeer Engine

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Christmas, Friends, Holidays, Weekend Activities

December 22, 2012: We had our friends from Portland come and spend the day with us. D, W, T and a friend of T’s all came for the day. We sure had a wonderful time talking and remember old times. We even looked back at some old pictures of us all when we were younger and thinner. T and his friend got some pretty good laughs seeing the pictures because I think T was between 5-7 years old in the pictures. We ended up having to cut our visit a little short because we had plans to go the the Reindeer Engine in the neighborhood that night.

What is the Reindeer Engine? Well it is an old firetruck decorated with a ton of Christmas lights and took the kids in the neighborhood around on the top of the engine or inside. Our neighbor is a firefighter and apparently this is something they do every year for the neighborhood kids. So since we are still new here, we decided to go for a little bit. I am so glad we did! Z had a blast! B and I both rode on the top of the truck and it was sure fun! Thanks to T and D for hosting this super fun neighborhood event. I am so sorry we had to cut that evening short too but we still had our friends in town and wanted to go to dinner with them. So we met up with D and W after the Reindeer Engine rides. We went to a dive restaurant in Seattle – home of the 12 egg omelet.

It was a busy day but a very fun on with some very dear friends!

2012-12-22 18.42.40 2012-12-22 18.50.24 2012-12-22 18.51.24 2012-12-22 18.54.26 2012-12-22 18.58.22

T holding Z. The last time T held Z was in 2004 after Z was born. Such a cute picture!

T holding Z. The last time T held Z was in 2004 after Z was born. Such a cute picture!

  1. Laura says:

    The truck is super cool. I wish we could have seen it.

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