Great Wolf Lodge

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Summer Time, Vacation, Weekend Activities

June 21-22, 2012: We all went to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate the end of school! Z was so excited to get to the water park. We live only an hour and a half from the lodge so I imagine we will be returning again and again!

We got Z the want to play the Magic Quest game throughout the hotel (which is way to stressful for me). He completed two tasks in the game and decided it was enough. All he wanted to do was get in the water. I guess I can’t blame him. I pretty much sat on the side lines watching him and his daddy have fun. I did do some of the water slides but got very nauseous on one of them and was done for the day with the slides! I watched those boys run between the slide, the wave pool and the basketball hoop pool. It was all I could do to stop them to eat every once in a while.

We even ran into one of Z’s good friends from school. It was fun to watch them play together while the adults chatted for a bit.

All suited up for the Magic Quest game

Ready for the park armed with the underwater camera!

Finally eating dinner.

The restaurant gave Z wolf ears and a wolf tail after we ate. How fun!!!


Z has been collecting crushed pennies for a while now. So we couldn’t leave the lodge without getting some.





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