Bohem’s Candy Tour

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Friends, General Information, Summer Time

July 10, 2012: L and I took the kids to tour the local candy store. It is called Bohem’s Candies. It was such a good tour! We got to go through Julius Boehm’s chalet where he lived as well as tour the factory. They hand make the candies. Totally amazing to watch! We got to sample so many yummy treats!  I am sure we will be frequenting this store for truffles in our near future! After the tour, we went to lunch and hit a local park to play for a while. The kids loved playing on the out of service train tracks.

The tour was so much fun that when I told a friend about the tour she wanted to go too. So I scheduled a tour for us on another day.

We had to put on hats to tour the factory area.

Filled with dark chocolate

These ladies hand roll the truffles.


Box of truffles

Playing on the tracks

Our second tour at Bohem’s. We went with A and E

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