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July 15-18, 2012: Z and I packed the car for a three day trip to see T and her kids in Portland. When we got to her house, they kids were at the pool so quickly Z joined them. We hit the pool the following two days too while T was at work. The kids had so much fun swimming and playing video games while we were there. Z and I even had a chance to meet some dear friends at Ruby Tuesday for dinner one night. It was so nice catching up and talking about old times!

Z and I had a wonderful trip! Our last day there C was sick so we didn’t get pictures with him before we left. Thanks T for letting us come stay with you! Can’t wait to do it again in August!

Dinner with D, W and T

Z and I hit the Olive Garden on our way out of town. The closest one to us in WA is about 50 minutes away.



July 10, 2012: L and I took the kids to tour the local candy store. It is called Bohem’s Candies. It was such a good tour! We got to go through Julius Boehm’s chalet where he lived as well as tour the factory. They hand make the candies. Totally amazing to watch! We got to sample so many yummy treats!  I am sure we will be frequenting this store for truffles in our near future! After the tour, we went to lunch and hit a local park to play for a while. The kids loved playing on the out of service train tracks.

The tour was so much fun that when I told a friend about the tour she wanted to go too. So I scheduled a tour for us on another day.

We had to put on hats to tour the factory area.

Filled with dark chocolate

These ladies hand roll the truffles.


Box of truffles

Playing on the tracks

Our second tour at Bohem’s. We went with A and E


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I had to stop the car driving right outside my neighborhood to take a picture of this buck. How cool!

July 9, 2012: Z wanted to play on the zipline and trampoline all afternoon so since it was a gorgeous day outside, I joined him. I sat back and watched him having fun. We even played catch on and off. That is when the dogs weren’t running off the with the ball. 🙂

What a perfect day with a wonderful kid!

Sitting back with my feet up watching the boy play

Z and Echo girl.

Enjoying Rainier cherries



First week of July 2012: Z took theater camp with a friend at the local kids theater and had so much fun! They acted out the book Sideways stories of Wayside School. Each kid was given a script, played a part in the play, and did a performance the last day of camp for all the parents. Z played Calvin in one of the chapters of the play. Super fun to watch! Good job Z!!!

July 4, 2012: Z and I went to the fireworks tent and broke the bank! I over bought on fireworks! But I wanted to make sure we had enough sparklers – well we still have sparklers left! Anyway, we had fun shopping and looking at all the fireworks! When we got home I couldn’t wait to do some sparklers. Later in the evening we met L and her kids at the park to watch fireworks. The display was spectacular! Then late that night we came home and played with more sparklers and lit some fireworks that stayed on the street level. SO FUN!

Sparklers in the daylight. Love the attitude!

Park time!

My friend L and her son.

L bought the kids the light saber and I brought my goofy hat from years past. Makes for a fun picture!

Goofy daddy!

I’m being silly with my silly hat

Watching fireworks with my boy!

Sparklers at home around midnight.

Some firework thing on the ground. Man o man it was bright!









June 28, 2012: My friend L planned our day for us and took Z and I to the Kangaroo Farm in Arlington, WA. It is about an hour and a half away and the weather was picture perfect for the activity. The drive was so nice too! It is always so nice when L drives because I get to take in the beautiful views when we go places. I got to see water and beautiful mountains everywhere. Some even had snow on them. Did I mention we live in a beautiful place??

When we arrived to the farm, the kids played on the tree swings. Then we went to eat before our tour. We also saw lots of peacocks walking around. Z even found a mama with her babies walking around. Once the tour began, the lady picked Z out of a crowd to feed the Lemurs. How cool is that? Then we walked around and got to feed wallabies, kangaroos, a donkey and a llama. I found one wallaby that wanted me to cuddle on him. I got to rub his belly and hug on him and everything. When I tried to walk away, he grabbed my arm to hold on and scratched the crap out of my arm. I now have scars from the experience. No big deal though.

It was such a fun time and I can’t wait to go again! Thank you L for such a fun day!

My family ended the day at dinner with the H family to say our goodbyes to them. They are moving to Virginia. We are going to miss them bigtime!

Feeding a lemur

None of the kids could feed this wallaby because he was mean. But I got to feed him 🙂

Feeding a wallaby

This little guy didn’t want me to leave. See how long his nails are.

Feeding a kangaroo now

This is a HUGE kangaroo and his wife laying in the sun

He is a muscular kangaroo! HOLY CRAP he has huge muscles!

Z and I hugging the huge kangaroo. He stands pretty tall!

The kids posing with a kangaroo

Donkey feeding time

Llama feeding time. Yes, I am feeding it with my mouth. He was so gentle. Crazy huh!

Now Z feeding the llama with his mouth. He kept doing it over and over and over again. He loved it!

Super cool huh!

Whole peacock family….even the babies are in this picture.

We finished the evening at dinner with some friends that are moving. We will sure miss our late nights at the local Mexican restaurant!
















June 21-22, 2012: We all went to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate the end of school! Z was so excited to get to the water park. We live only an hour and a half from the lodge so I imagine we will be returning again and again!

We got Z the want to play the Magic Quest game throughout the hotel (which is way to stressful for me). He completed two tasks in the game and decided it was enough. All he wanted to do was get in the water. I guess I can’t blame him. I pretty much sat on the side lines watching him and his daddy have fun. I did do some of the water slides but got very nauseous on one of them and was done for the day with the slides! I watched those boys run between the slide, the wave pool and the basketball hoop pool. It was all I could do to stop them to eat every once in a while.

We even ran into one of Z’s good friends from school. It was fun to watch them play together while the adults chatted for a bit.

All suited up for the Magic Quest game

Ready for the park armed with the underwater camera!

Finally eating dinner.

The restaurant gave Z wolf ears and a wolf tail after we ate. How fun!!!


Z has been collecting crushed pennies for a while now. So we couldn’t leave the lodge without getting some.




June 20, 2012: It was Z’s first day of summer so what better way than to celebrate? We went to Lake Sammamish Park and checked out the lake. Since we drive by it every single day we decided it was time to explore. Of course I told Z to put on shorts but he didn’t listen so I had to roll up his pant legs so they wouldn’t get wet. He had so much fun walking in the water and exploring. There were tons of ducks and geese around too. They were afraid of people either. In fact, one lady there fed them and they ate right out of her hand. We even saw baby ducks. We live in such a perfect place! We just love it here!

After an hour or so of torture of not getting wet and able to play in the lake, Z asked if he could get more wet. He asked if we could go get his swim suit but I didn’t want to leave and come back. So like a good mom I told him he could get wet. We live so close it didn’t matter if he rode in the car wet – right? As soon as I said he could get wet, he immediately laid down in the water with only his head sticking up. So much for a little wet huh? Boys will be boys! He has a B L A S T! And I had fun watching him have fun!

We just arrived. We live on that mass of land to the right behind Z. We pass by this lake everyday. So pretty!

Boys like sticks to poke things with. This one came home with us.

I told him he could get wet so he laid down in the water. Smart boy! Do it before Mom changes her mind 🙂

Now the REAL fun begins!




June 19, 2012 was Z’s last day as a second grader! We had to go a week longer than most places because we were off school for a week in January when we were snowed in.

I went to the school assembly and got to watch everything. They did a great “moving up” ceremony and there was a lot of fun stuff going on. At one point all the teachers in the school put on sunglasses and hit the stage and did a disco dance. It was so fun to watch those teachers let loose and to watch the kids laugh at their teachers. So fun!

Once school got out, I took Z to his favorite place on earth…Chuck E. Cheese. We were there for quite a while. I had fun watching him have fun. He always says “I had fun watching you watching me having fun”. Then of course I add on to that sentence and before you now it we are both laughing so hard. 🙂 I just love this kid so much!

During the school assembly. Still a second grader.

We now have a third grader!!! CONGRATS!

Z and his friend J. Both third graders now!

Chuck E. Cheese time!

This was the Z’s favorite game. It gave lots and lots of tickets!

Hubby surprised Z by meeting us a Dairy Queen for some ice cream after Chuck E. Cheese.