Scout advancement ceremony

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Cub Scouts, Weekend Activities

6-15-12: Z’s scout pack held the advancements. The leaders did a great job planning a fun evening for the kids. First Z participated in the flag ceremony. Then the Cub Master hid stuff in the woods for the kids to find using coordinates and a compass. They did a great job finding the prize – a huge bag of licorice. Next was the official advancement where we removed the old neckerchief and replaced it with the new one. Since hubby was on the plane home from Taiwan I helped Z with his advancement. Once everyone advanced ranks they made a huge fire for smores. Z loves to make smores. Only he doesn’t eat them all and ends up giving them to me. It is a perfect arrangement we have….he makes them and I get to eat them. Turns out in the end, he now loves smores. He ate the last two himself!

The best part is when we got home that evening, hubby had just gotten home from his week long trip. He met us in the garage and congratulated Z for his accomplishment in scouts.

Getting ready for the flag ceremony

Getting the coordinates for the hunt

Still hunting

Z’s turn to use the compass.

Ceremony time.

Presenting our new Bear Scout!

Checking out the new slide.

Z also received 8 arrow points and a PWD segment as well as a 2 year pin. So proud!

Fire time!


Back to make more

Double fisted smore eating scout.

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