Portland trip

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Friends, General Information, Weekend Activities

5-18/20- 2012: Z and I went to Portland to visit T and her family! I took Z out of school early so we could get to Portland in time for C’s school function. We made it in time but the function wasn’t what we thought so we got the heck out of there and headed to T’s to let the kids play. We just love T and her kids! Z grew up with T and C and it was just like old times when they get together. They play so well together and love each other dearly! We went for that weekend so we could watch the boys play soccer and to celebrate K’s 6th birthday. T threw a party for her at the clubhouse and they had pizza and did crafts and played twister and played Wii dancing games. It was so much fun but boy were we tired at the end of the busy day.

The next morning T’s brother treated us all to a fabulous breakfast at Elmer’s. After breakfast we let the kids play some more then it was time for Z and I to head home. It was a quick and busy trip but fun nonetheless. We can’t wait to go back once school is out.

Z and the birthday girl!

We are all being silly!

Me and my besty!


Twister time

Pretty birthday girl!

Ice cream time. Z poured on the chocolate. YUM!

Me and my boy!

Lots of kids, a couple aren’t in this shot either.

T with her new niece

Miss. A braided my hair. Love it!

No make up but I just love this boy so I had to post this pic



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