Pinewood Derby 2012

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Cub Scouts, Weekend Activities

5-4-12: Time for the yearly Pinewood Derby! Z just loves this time of year. Him and his daddy made a simple design this year since last year most of the wedge styles won. So he basically made a “golden wedgie”. It was so funny!

We went to the derby and first had dinner. I helped serve pizza to the whole Pack. After dinner, time for the derby to begin! The boys were so excited! Z’s car raced in three heats during the race. His car did pretty good but needed to be a bit faster to take the wins overall. Z did get a super special award at the end of the evening; the Sportsmanship Award. He was so surprised because the Cub Master made a big deal out of the award. It was given to him because he was being a model scout by sitting still and quiet watching the whole race. A lot of the boys got antsy and began to run around. Getting the award was a great end to a fun night!

Time for the derby to begin.

Golden Wedgie takes first in this heat

Golden Wedgie takes second in this heat

Golden Wedgie takes second in this heat

Z with the Cub Master and Assistant Cub Master

So proud!

Goofing around after the derby ended


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