Ice Cream Social at School

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, School

6-8-12: Our school’s PTSA help an ice cream and bbq social at the school. They had a DJ there playing music and the kids danced (not Z though) and had various contests (hoola hoop, limpo, the twist, etc), there was a pie baking contest, a pie eating contest, and time to jut run around. That is pretty much what Z did the whole night – he ran around with friends. In fact, every time I got near him to take a picture he would run away – little twirp! The principal cornered him and asked him to be a judge in the pie baking contest. He was so excited to get to do that and he liked most of the pies. Hubby and I scored pie too because Z would do the taste test and pass the pies to me and hubby. It was truly a win win for us all 🙂

Z was one of the ones selected by the DJ to be in the pie eating contest. Little did Z know it was a contest where you couldn’t use your hands. He did a great job on his pie. When he was done he said he doesn’t like cherry pie. I can’t imagine why….

Z asked J to be the first one to sign his yearbook

Z and his friend with our school principal.

Let’s tickle J time!

His mama knows how to tickle him.

Oops…he spotted the camera!

My friend L and I

Here comes the jugde

Taking his job very seriously

These two were selected for the pie eating contest

All suited up in a trash bag and ready to get messy

Z’s friend




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