Free Skylander

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Around the House, General Information

5-10-12: Z’s free Skylander arrived in the mail today! He was so excited!

Let me back up a bit. About a month and a half earlier Z and I were grocery shopping and I asked him to go pick out a bag of chips for his lunches. He came back to the cart with no chips in hand. Instead I was asked to follow him. Of course I couldn’t understand what the heck was so hard to pick out a bag of chips, I mean come on now – right? Well, he took me to the sample pack of different chips and the packaging had Skylanders all over it. Since Skylanders are pretty dang big right now, he was mesmerized when he saw the bag. He finally spit out the question “can we get this bag, there is a contest.” I was ready to get out of there so I agreed. Well as with many promotions, there was a game card in the chip bag and you enter a code on the computer and are always disappointed when you see you didn’t win. Only this time it said he did win. Not believing it I typed in our information and Z went about his day.

So that brings us back to the day we got the free Skylander in the mail. It was for real! He won a contest! I swear, I never thought that stuff was for real. I now can only wonder how many more of these ‘contests’ we have in our future. Ahhh….the power of marketing.

YEAH!!! Z won!


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