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6-15-12: Z’s scout pack held the advancements. The leaders did a great job planning a fun evening for the kids. First Z participated in the flag ceremony. Then the Cub Master hid stuff in the woods for the kids to find using coordinates and a compass. They did a great job finding the prize – a huge bag of licorice. Next was the official advancement where we removed the old neckerchief and replaced it with the new one. Since hubby was on the plane home from Taiwan I helped Z with his advancement. Once everyone advanced ranks they made a huge fire for smores. Z loves to make smores. Only he doesn’t eat them all and ends up giving them to me. It is a perfect arrangement we have….he makes them and I get to eat them. Turns out in the end, he now loves smores. He ate the last two himself!

The best part is when we got home that evening, hubby had just gotten home from his week long trip. He met us in the garage and congratulated Z for his accomplishment in scouts.

Getting ready for the flag ceremony

Getting the coordinates for the hunt

Still hunting

Z’s turn to use the compass.

Ceremony time.

Presenting our new Bear Scout!

Checking out the new slide.

Z also received 8 arrow points and a PWD segment as well as a 2 year pin. So proud!

Fire time!


Back to make more

Double fisted smore eating scout.


6-13-12: It was crazy hair day at school and Z decided to get spray hair paint for the occasion. Only he selected two spray glitter colors; blue and silver. And anyone that knows me knows I don’t like glitter anything.So I must really love this kid!!! 🙂

I think he did a great job picking out the colors. The hairdo was his idea. I think he had a great idea.

Posing with his friends before school.

6-8-12: Our school’s PTSA help an ice cream and bbq social at the school. They had a DJ there playing music and the kids danced (not Z though) and had various contests (hoola hoop, limpo, the twist, etc), there was a pie baking contest, a pie eating contest, and time to jut run around. That is pretty much what Z did the whole night – he ran around with friends. In fact, every time I got near him to take a picture he would run away – little twirp! The principal cornered him and asked him to be a judge in the pie baking contest. He was so excited to get to do that and he liked most of the pies. Hubby and I scored pie too because Z would do the taste test and pass the pies to me and hubby. It was truly a win win for us all 🙂

Z was one of the ones selected by the DJ to be in the pie eating contest. Little did Z know it was a contest where you couldn’t use your hands. He did a great job on his pie. When he was done he said he doesn’t like cherry pie. I can’t imagine why….

Z asked J to be the first one to sign his yearbook

Z and his friend with our school principal.

Let’s tickle J time!

His mama knows how to tickle him.

Oops…he spotted the camera!

My friend L and I

Here comes the jugde

Taking his job very seriously

These two were selected for the pie eating contest

All suited up in a trash bag and ready to get messy

Z’s friend



WA wildlife

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5-31-12: Check out this family. We pass them everyday on the way to school. Awww….

….we eat cereal for dinner 🙂

5-29-12: Hubby took a trip to London and on day one of him being gone, Z talked me into cereal for dinner. I told him to help himself. This is how I found him in the kitchen.

5-28-12: We just love taking the dogs to the local dog park. This place is so big and they always have the best time playing! It was a perfect day and they played so hard. They were ready for bed early that night!

Our dogs are the black ones trying to get in on the ball throwing action


Tired Shadow

Tired Echo

Birthday bowling

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5-27-12: Z went bowling with his friend, J, to help him celebrate his birthday. The bowling alley was totally upscale and so nice! They had couches to sit on and waiters that took care of you. The boys had so much fun bowling. They ended up playing 4 games. L and I just sat back and had fun watching them compete against one another. After bowling we went to Red Robin for some lunch. Then when L brought us back home, the boys talked us into playing on the zipline for a while. What a great day with friends!

The birthday boy!

5-18/20- 2012: Z and I went to Portland to visit T and her family! I took Z out of school early so we could get to Portland in time for C’s school function. We made it in time but the function wasn’t what we thought so we got the heck out of there and headed to T’s to let the kids play. We just love T and her kids! Z grew up with T and C and it was just like old times when they get together. They play so well together and love each other dearly! We went for that weekend so we could watch the boys play soccer and to celebrate K’s 6th birthday. T threw a party for her at the clubhouse and they had pizza and did crafts and played twister and played Wii dancing games. It was so much fun but boy were we tired at the end of the busy day.

The next morning T’s brother treated us all to a fabulous breakfast at Elmer’s. After breakfast we let the kids play some more then it was time for Z and I to head home. It was a quick and busy trip but fun nonetheless. We can’t wait to go back once school is out.

Z and the birthday girl!

We are all being silly!

Me and my besty!


Twister time

Pretty birthday girl!

Ice cream time. Z poured on the chocolate. YUM!

Me and my boy!

Lots of kids, a couple aren’t in this shot either.

T with her new niece

Miss. A braided my hair. Love it!

No make up but I just love this boy so I had to post this pic


5-10-12: Z’s free Skylander arrived in the mail today! He was so excited!

Let me back up a bit. About a month and a half earlier Z and I were grocery shopping and I asked him to go pick out a bag of chips for his lunches. He came back to the cart with no chips in hand. Instead I was asked to follow him. Of course I couldn’t understand what the heck was so hard to pick out a bag of chips, I mean come on now – right? Well, he took me to the sample pack of different chips and the packaging had Skylanders all over it. Since Skylanders are pretty dang big right now, he was mesmerized when he saw the bag. He finally spit out the question “can we get this bag, there is a contest.” I was ready to get out of there so I agreed. Well as with many promotions, there was a game card in the chip bag and you enter a code on the computer and are always disappointed when you see you didn’t win. Only this time it said he did win. Not believing it I typed in our information and Z went about his day.

So that brings us back to the day we got the free Skylander in the mail. It was for real! He won a contest! I swear, I never thought that stuff was for real. I now can only wonder how many more of these ‘contests’ we have in our future. Ahhh….the power of marketing.

YEAH!!! Z won!

5-4-12: Time for the yearly Pinewood Derby! Z just loves this time of year. Him and his daddy made a simple design this year since last year most of the wedge styles won. So he basically made a “golden wedgie”. It was so funny!

We went to the derby and first had dinner. I helped serve pizza to the whole Pack. After dinner, time for the derby to begin! The boys were so excited! Z’s car raced in three heats during the race. His car did pretty good but needed to be a bit faster to take the wins overall. Z did get a super special award at the end of the evening; the Sportsmanship Award. He was so surprised because the Cub Master made a big deal out of the award. It was given to him because he was being a model scout by sitting still and quiet watching the whole race. A lot of the boys got antsy and began to run around. Getting the award was a great end to a fun night!

Time for the derby to begin.

Golden Wedgie takes first in this heat

Golden Wedgie takes second in this heat

Golden Wedgie takes second in this heat

Z with the Cub Master and Assistant Cub Master

So proud!

Goofing around after the derby ended