Zoo – Spring Break

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Friends, Holidays, School

4-12-12: L and I decided to take the kids to the Seattle Zoo so the kids could play again during break. Each time we go somewhere with L, she points out all the local attractions and places. I feel like it is a city tour in itself. I love it! So we headed back to Seattle for the day. It was really nice weather but it did drizzle for about 30 minutes and got a bit chilly. Of course Z swiped my jacket as his 3 layers of clothes wasn’t enough for him – TWIRP! We had a wonderful lunch at the zoo (I know….good food is not normal for a zoo but it was awesome). We stayed at the zoo until they closed then hit a local trendy ice cream shop on the way home. Another great day with friends.

It is funny how each time we go to a zoo, Z tends to concentrate on a certain animal. Well this time was no different….he was really interested in the gorillas. That and the python that was in the middle of dinner – a big giant bunny rabbit. Enjoy the pictures!

Feeding the penguins.

Eating Thumper.

See how Z swiped my jacket.

Bald eagle's nest.

Peacocks walk freely around the zoo.


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