Zoo day 2 – Spring Break

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Holidays, School, Weekend Activities

4-13-12: It wasn’t long after Z started telling hubby about how neat the Seattle zoo was that we decided to go back the next day. So hubby took the day off work and we all loaded up in the car and headed back into Seattle. This will be day 3 in the city. We got there not long after the zoo opened so we could see more animals. Z didn’t get to spend enough time watching the gorillas so that was a must see! We also got to feed the penguins again and we got to hand feed some birds. We even ran into a dear friend, A,  and her family while we were at the zoo. It was great seeing friends and chatting with them for a while. But we really wanted a family day; besides, A’s husband was going to be traveling for a while so they also wanted a family day.

We had a wonderful time at the zoo! We even decided to buy zoo memberships so now we can go back anytime we want (within a year) and see the gorillas whenever we want to. I must say, they are so cool. Makes me sad to see them locked up. But I guess they are living happily and not in the wild in danger.

Enjoy the photos.

Crushed penny time again.



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