My birthday

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Around the House, Birthdays, Friends

4-17-12: Today I turned 44 years old. I had the most perfect birthday! Z and hubby had a table full of gifts for me and they gave me the sweetest cards! Z made me a beautiful canvas painting of a field of tulips. I just love flowers! Hubby got me a new windows phone, a phone charger, cologne, and a candy bar.

I went shopping with my friend A and we had lunch together at Subway. I bought a Coach purse and wallet with some birthday money and found a few bonus things. It is so pretty living in WA! We were at the outlet malls and the scenery around us was all mountains. So peaceful and pretty!

Later that evening, my guys took me to dinner at Five Guys Burgers. Who gets to say they get Five Guys for their birthday…. well I did! I even went and bought myself a birthday cake after dinner. It was a perfect day!

The couple days following my birthday, I got the prettiest flowers from my friend, T and my dear dear friend in TX, S, send me a care package of cookies. She even made me a funny card.

Loved my birthday this year! Thank you to everyone who made it so special!

My morning gifts from my guys!

The outlet mall.

Love my Coach purse and wallet. Thank you!

Eating with my guys at Five Guys!

My cake! Red Velvet!

I love the picture Z made for me! This is the third year in a row he had made me a birthday painting. They are so special to me!

Flowers from T.

Cookies by S! Love the card! She is so funny!



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