4-8-12: Today was Easter and Z was so excited to start looking for hidden eggs around the house. The Easter Bunny this year hid a ton of eggs in the house but none in the yard this year. Z said it was because it rains too much here. The Easter Bunny left the most awesome basket for Z; it has Skylanders in it. The Bunny also hid Skylanders in some of the eggs he hid. Tricky bunny!

Hubby worked in the yard some today and we all sat down together and watched one of the million Chipmonk movies (thank you Easter Bunny). I even made a lovely Easter dinner….egg salad sandwiches 🙂 Yep….that is what we had for dinner.

What a cool basket!

Let's go check out the goods.

Easter gifts from Mom and Dad.

There is so much in this basket!

Eggs were even hidden in Z's private office.

Check out all the awesome artwork by Z. See the hidden eggs too?

Time to check out the egg contents. Z sure found a lot of eggs!



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