The D Clan comes to visit!

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Around the House, Friends, Friends in town, Weekend Activities

3-31-2012: T was throwing a baby shower for her brother that day and we thought C would have more fun playing with Z than at a baby shower.So Z and I got up early (it was early for us on a weekend) and drove to G’s house to pick C up for the day. Before we even got to the house those boys convinced me to stop at Target to shop for Skylanders. Those kids were in heaven getting a few new characters to play with. Then we came to the house and I made them little pizzas out of english muffins and I made a pan of brownies. Hubby and I also had a business meeting with K from Oregon that afternoon so it worked out perfectly that C was here to play with Z.

That evening we met T and S at Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-in for dinner. We all ordered rootbeer floats for dessert. Those things are HUGE and oh so good!

Everyone stayed the night and left on Sunday afternoon. It is so nice that we get to see them often. It helps having her brother in town too because that way G and I both get to see more of her. When she visits one of us she always visits the other too. Win Win!

The bestest of friends are together again! I gave both boys all the center pieces of brownies. Lucky ducks!

T and S share this giant float.

We so drank every last bit of ours! SO GOOD!


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