RIP Biscuit!

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Around the House, General Information

During my catching up on my blog, I missed blogging about our kitty who passed away on February 21, 2012. Biscuit was a very sweet kitty and we adopted her in Indiana in the winter of 1996. She was an abused adult kitty and we rescued her. At some point over the past year Biscuit became deaf and was a much different little kitty. She was much happier. She was always so nervous and would run and hide at any loud noice. Once she became deaf she was always around and didn’t hide anymore. So I am glad her last year was a happy one for her!

One day during winter break, 2-21-12, I woke up and she was struggling to breath. She had been just fine the night prior. After she collapsed on the floor I called the vet and Z and I rushed her there. The vet said she had bad phenomena and was drowning and something else must have been going on too. With her being so old and having heart issues to start with they didn’t think they could act fast enough and that she would make it through the testing and treatment she needed so had to be euthanized. Z chose to wait in the lobby while they put her down. Of course I stayed cuddling her. It was the most saddest thing to deal with having my son with me. He didn’t understand….he said I killed our kitty. It was a horrible day that day! So very sad! We miss you Biskers/Biskerdough! RIP!


Cuddling with Z while he slept. 1-2-2012.

Helping me unpack in WA 1-18-2012.

Cuddling with Echo on a cold winters day. 1-19-2012.



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