Z needs a bigger mouth

Posted: April 8, 2012 in General Information

2-8-2012: Today is the day that Z gets his expanders put in his mouth. We had our first orthodontist appointment on February 3 to discuss the crowding in his mouth. The orthodontist decided Z needed top and bottom expanders in his mouth and would need to wear them for 10-12 months. We have to use a key to turn the crank on both top and bottom a few times a week to expand his mouth so his teeth will fit. Z is so on board for this process because he is sick of crooked teeth. He picked out a camo expander for the bottom.

Turned out that the bottom one didn’t fit well so they made him another one. The new one is much larger and has a lot more plastic to it and covers his bottom back teeth completely. He is being such a good sport about wearing them. It has changed the way he can eat and how he talks. He is so responsible with is removable bottom expander.

Ready to go!

The top one is permanent and this is the original lower one. He had to get a different one.

Dr. M putting in the top one.

Setting the glue on the top expander.

Time to pick out cases.

The new smile!


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