Our long drive to WA

Posted: April 2, 2012 in General Information

12-29-2011 until 1-2-2012: We were in the car for 4 days and drove 2200 miles. Hubby drove the whole way. For some stupid reason I am not able to stay awake in a car on trips so I only contributed 30 minutes of driving on our trip. Sad but true! I slept the entire way. We stopped a billion times to get food/drinks and then to potty. We also had to stop to let the dogs out to walk and go potty and to get the kitties to use the liter box and eat. It felt like the never-ending trip from HELL! But at least we made it safe and sound. Well maybe not of sound mind after the bickering 🙂

Tiger helping B drive.

Shadow wanted to sit in hubby's lap too but this had to do.

Echo's turn. This is the back of the driver's seat.

OK, now both of them.


Seriously! This dog is 55 pounds and way too big to be in my lap! Come on now Shadow! Really!

Biscuit slept on my lap too.

Small dog park at one of the hotels. They loved getting out to run.




Almost there!

Getting close!

Finally! Our first night at the hotel in WA!

Finally at the house!

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