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Wolf badge

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Cub Scouts

4-18-12: Z had his monthly scout pack meeting and was officially given his Wolf badge because he met all the requirements. Soon he will advance to Bears. He is so excited to get to the next level in scouts.

Before the ceremony, the boys had a cool presentation from a “magnet guy”. He brought the biggest most powerful magnets to demonstrate. The kids and adults were amazed!

OH MY....did you see those magnets! They are so super cool!

Magnet demo.

Time for the kids to try out the magnets.

Getting the wolf badge.

Great picture!

Z with his Cub Master

Sitting and talking with the Cub Master.



Silly friend

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Friends, School

4-20-12: So I go pick Z up from school like I do everyday and when I get up to the front of the school he is standing next to his friend, T, holding a huge sign. T had made this sign in class for his mother to read as she drove up to pick him up. I thought it was so dang cute that I just had to take a quick picture! The top part said “I love you Mom” and well… can read the rest of the sign. This kid cracked me up! T is such a cute kid! Gotta love it!

My birthday

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Around the House, Birthdays, Friends

4-17-12: Today I turned 44 years old. I had the most perfect birthday! Z and hubby had a table full of gifts for me and they gave me the sweetest cards! Z made me a beautiful canvas painting of a field of tulips. I just love flowers! Hubby got me a new windows phone, a phone charger, cologne, and a candy bar.

I went shopping with my friend A and we had lunch together at Subway. I bought a Coach purse and wallet with some birthday money and found a few bonus things. It is so pretty living in WA! We were at the outlet malls and the scenery around us was all mountains. So peaceful and pretty!

Later that evening, my guys took me to dinner at Five Guys Burgers. Who gets to say they get Five Guys for their birthday…. well I did! I even went and bought myself a birthday cake after dinner. It was a perfect day!

The couple days following my birthday, I got the prettiest flowers from my friend, T and my dear dear friend in TX, S, send me a care package of cookies. She even made me a funny card.

Loved my birthday this year! Thank you to everyone who made it so special!

My morning gifts from my guys!

The outlet mall.

Love my Coach purse and wallet. Thank you!

Eating with my guys at Five Guys!

My cake! Red Velvet!

I love the picture Z made for me! This is the third year in a row he had made me a birthday painting. They are so special to me!

Flowers from T.

Cookies by S! Love the card! She is so funny!


4-14-12: We took the dogs back to Marymoor Park. The park has a ginormous unleashed dog park and the dogs just love going there. They get to run fast and far and play with tons of different dogs. We spend hours there. And of course it kills my allergy wise. But it is worth it to see them so happy and Z just loves watching them play.

Z with his dogs!

I think I see bunny ears above my head. What a twirp 🙂

4-13-12: It wasn’t long after Z started telling hubby about how neat the Seattle zoo was that we decided to go back the next day. So hubby took the day off work and we all loaded up in the car and headed back into Seattle. This will be day 3 in the city. We got there not long after the zoo opened so we could see more animals. Z didn’t get to spend enough time watching the gorillas so that was a must see! We also got to feed the penguins again and we got to hand feed some birds. We even ran into a dear friend, A,  and her family while we were at the zoo. It was great seeing friends and chatting with them for a while. But we really wanted a family day; besides, A’s husband was going to be traveling for a while so they also wanted a family day.

We had a wonderful time at the zoo! We even decided to buy zoo memberships so now we can go back anytime we want (within a year) and see the gorillas whenever we want to. I must say, they are so cool. Makes me sad to see them locked up. But I guess they are living happily and not in the wild in danger.

Enjoy the photos.

Crushed penny time again.


4-12-12: L and I decided to take the kids to the Seattle Zoo so the kids could play again during break. Each time we go somewhere with L, she points out all the local attractions and places. I feel like it is a city tour in itself. I love it! So we headed back to Seattle for the day. It was really nice weather but it did drizzle for about 30 minutes and got a bit chilly. Of course Z swiped my jacket as his 3 layers of clothes wasn’t enough for him – TWIRP! We had a wonderful lunch at the zoo (I know….good food is not normal for a zoo but it was awesome). We stayed at the zoo until they closed then hit a local trendy ice cream shop on the way home. Another great day with friends.

It is funny how each time we go to a zoo, Z tends to concentrate on a certain animal. Well this time was no different….he was really interested in the gorillas. That and the python that was in the middle of dinner – a big giant bunny rabbit. Enjoy the pictures!

Feeding the penguins.

Eating Thumper.

See how Z swiped my jacket.

Bald eagle's nest.

Peacocks walk freely around the zoo.

4-9-12: Since the kids are on Spring Break L and I decided to take the kids to the Space Needle in Seattle. So after I did my allergy testing that morning and L worked out, we loaded up the gang and headed into Seattle. We first had a fabulous lunch at this place called “Sport”. Then we walked across the street to the Space Needle. It was a fast trip to the top on the elevator. The kids just loved it. We walked around on the observation deck checking out all the beautiful sights! Man Seattle is gorgeous! We saw so many things; Snow-capped Mt. Rainier to the south and the Cascade Mountains to the east, the majestic Olympics to the west, Puget Sound, Queen Anne Hill, Downtown Seattle, Downtown Bellevue, etc. Breath taking!

Then we went to get some ice cream at McDonald’s before heading to the Public Market on Pike Street. We got to see the fish mongers throw fish and saw some need little shops on the waterfront. It was a lovely day with friends! Thank you L for the tour!

Z with his friend J and his sister. J and Z are in class together.

Getting close!

Getting out tickets.

Us and the L family.

The elevator ride to the top.

On the top looking out!

We had to get our crushed penny.

Goofing around on the statues in front of the Space Needle after the tour.

1st Starbuck's.

Now those are DONUTS!

Throwing fish

This bread was almost as tall as Z.

Making cheese.

4-8-12: Today was Easter and Z was so excited to start looking for hidden eggs around the house. The Easter Bunny this year hid a ton of eggs in the house but none in the yard this year. Z said it was because it rains too much here. The Easter Bunny left the most awesome basket for Z; it has Skylanders in it. The Bunny also hid Skylanders in some of the eggs he hid. Tricky bunny!

Hubby worked in the yard some today and we all sat down together and watched one of the million Chipmonk movies (thank you Easter Bunny). I even made a lovely Easter dinner….egg salad sandwiches 🙂 Yep….that is what we had for dinner.

What a cool basket!

Let's go check out the goods.

Easter gifts from Mom and Dad.

There is so much in this basket!

Eggs were even hidden in Z's private office.

Check out all the awesome artwork by Z. See the hidden eggs too?

Time to check out the egg contents. Z sure found a lot of eggs!


4-7-2012: I have to back up a day for this post. Our family went to dinner with some friends Friday night to celebrate T quitting her job. It was a great celebration but a sad one too. The H family is moving in June and we don’t want them to go. We have become great friends and we are so sad they are leaving. Back to the dinner….it was a blast. T invited another friend and her husband too. We all laughed and had such a great time. Z and T also had a blast at the end of the table. Between the two of them, they decided T was going to spend the night at our house. It was T’s first sleep over and I wasn’t sure how it would go. The boys did GREAT! T wasn’t sad at all when it was bedtime. It was a fun sleep over for Z too!

The next day, after breakfast, the boys played on the zipline some more. I went to the store and got a bunch of eggs to dye. I decided to call T and have her whole family over to color eggs too. L didn’t come…he is too old to dye eggs. We had a great time and T said it was his first time to dye eggs. Before you knew it they boys were back on that zipline. While we all sat outside on such a pretty day, B and P decided to put up the trampoline. T and I went and got beer and pizza. We had a great afternoon together! Well, that was until P fell out of the treehouse and was rushed to urgent care. B and I took T’s other kids to dinner with us so she and her husband could tend to P at urgent care.

We all ended up back at our house at the end of the night for giant bowls of ice cream. A perfect day with friends! We are going to miss you all!

T and I sitting back watching the guys but the trampoline together.

Having a blast!

I just had to post this picture too 🙂




4-5-2012: Z had a play date after school with T at our house. The boys played legos most of the time. They also rode the zip line and had a blast! Just before it was time for T to go home the boys got silly with the goofy hats in the dress up box.

Having a blast riding the zipline! HOW COOL!

T loves this thing!

So fun!

They worked up an appetite! How cool is it to eat in the tree house.

I believe he had on 10 hats. Total mad hatter!