Time to pack the house for our WA move

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Around the House, Christmas, General Information, Holidays, Relatives

12-26-2011: I know, the day after Christmas is not the best to start packing for a huge move. But we had no choice. Papa R and E spent the night so they would be at the house to help keep Z entertained and to help with the chaos. And man was it crazy! Hubby had an eye appointment at 7:30am and wasn’t there when the packers showed up to start packing the house. There was 3 guys and holy cow they were fast! It seemed like every time I went looking for something we needed for the drive, it was already packed. The guys were very kind when I asked them to unpack boxes to find whatever it was I felt I needed. It was insane at my house that is for sure! Boxes everywhere! We kept the dogs in the backyard so they wouldn’t disturb the packers. That didn’t last long. I felt so sorry for them peeking in the door looking like “what the heck is going on in there”. Poor pups!

One of the best things about packing day was the fabulous brownies I had that my dear friend S brought over. Ahhhh….they were so delicious! And that peanut butter icing was heavenly! Who cared about the calories! I mean I deserved the treat since we WERE moving the day after Christmas. Haha….

While everyone else was out shopping and enjoying the after Christmas sales, we were at the house getting packed for our move.

Just a few of the zillion boxes that were used!

This is who we used for our move.

OH WAIT!!! We will need these in WA...please don't pack them!

Before I knew it my kitchen was well underway! Did I mention they moved fast!

Sad Shadow wondering what the heck!

Echo girl was not to happy either!

Even Biscuit was concerned! Who knows about Tiger...he was hiding the whole time!

Z played the Wii until they pried the controllers out of his hands to pack.

Papa R hanging out with Z.

E loving on Z too!

Alright guys, you can come in but don't bother the packers.....yeah right!

It's ok Echo....it will be ok girl!

Hubby is home from his eye appointment just in time for brownies!

Nothing better than coffee and brownies!

This is the pile of crap we need to fit in the car along with the three of us, 2 big dogs and 2 cats.


We had some visitors on 12-28-2011. I wish I would have gotten some pics of S’s visit on 12-27. I am sure going to miss everyone!!!

The 3 M's!


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