Trip to WA – post out of date order

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, General Information, Vacation

Ok….some how I skipped our house hunting trip to WA early November so here goes.

11-3-2011: So hubby accepted the job in WA on Halloween, we put the house up for sale on Nov 1 and were on a plane to WA on Nov 3. Talk about moving fast! We know this move will be a fast one so we are ready to go. So we took Z out of school for a week and we headed to WA to find a house. It was raining a little while we were there – go figure huh! The housing market was tough…houses selling fast! We finally found a house that would work for us and we put an offer on it. Things didn’t feel right at the beginning of the deal and after researching schools some more, we backed out of that deal. So the hunt had to begin again. We luckily found a house we liked over the next couple days.

While we were in WA we went to this restaurant on hubby’s birthday and had the best burgers ever! And they have rootbeer floats as big as your head! Our realtor took us out to eat and got the servers to sing happy birthday to B. It was a fun evening!

Doing homework on the plane. Not fun Mom!

Out the plane window.

The hotel we stayed at.

Hubby's work.

Smallest dang fries we've ever seen!

Writing about the trip.

Our house!

Now that is a rootbeer float!

It is as big as my head!

Happy Birthday B! We love you very much!!! Here's to another great year!

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