Thanksgiving Day 2011

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Holidays, Relatives

11-24-2011: Thanksgiving Day was different for us this year. Hubby came home from WA to spend Thanksgiving with us. His Dad and Stepmom came to celebrate with us as well. Instead of cooking this year, we went to Cannoli Joe’s for dinner. We really enjoy going there because there is such a variety but this time it wasn’t as good as normal. T didn’t like it one bit. I felt terrible for her that she couldn’t find anything to eat that she enjoyed. After dinner, we took our traditional Christmas card photo. Hubby’s Dad usually takes the picture for us each year so it was no different this year. Thanks R!

After we left the restaurant, we stopped at the gas station for gas. As we sat in the car waiting for the gas to pump, we saw a homeless man and his dog sitting on the curb. Since it was Thanksgiving, we got $10 out and hubby took it to the man. He was beyond thankful for our gesture. Once hubby got back in the car we were all crying. I pulled out another $10 to give to the man. He was the nicest man and oh so grateful. We left there crying and thinking of others not as fortunate as us and how we helped a man and his dog. Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the photo we will use for our Christmas cards this year.

Back at home playing Wii games!



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