Making gingerbread houses

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad, Christmas, Holidays

12-13-2011: OK, let me start off by saying I am not as creative in person and I appear to be in my own head. I had such high hopes for making mini gingerbread houses with Z. I didn’t want to buy the $20 kit and make a big one. Instead I wanted to shop for each thing separately and make a few little ones out of graham crackers. Well, apparently I bought the wrong size crackers and it went downhill from there. I attempted to make my own ‘royal icing’ to make the walls stick. But even that went wrong. Terribly wrong! We glued the sides together and once we put the candy on the whole house caved in. We made the biggest mess with all the icing! Before you knew it Z and I were laughing so hard I am surprised I didn’t pee my pants! The place was a mess and icing was everywhere! We had to rush each house into the freezer to ‘set’ the icing so it wouldn’t collapse. So of course I had icing hand prints all over the stainless steel fridge – which by the way I just cleaned! At the beginning of the process I was the one operating the icing bags, but it wasn’t long until I gave the job to Z. We had the BEST time laughing and being silly. I took pictures of each house before it went in the garbage because at this point there was no way we were going to attempt to eat one. I sent pictures to hubby in WA of our process. We were semi proud of our gingerbread village and that some were still standing. Hubby called it our “gingerbread ghetto”! Did I mention we had the BEST TIME being silly! It wasn’t fun cleaning up the mess….but it was sure fun to make!

Things are going good mess yet....

Z is still clean and no mess in sight....

I have handed off the icing bag...won't be long before a mess starts....

Still standing...

See the one that fell apart....hoping this one will stay together

This is so much fun!!!

Look Mom! I love this one.

Trying to get it to the freezer quickly and it fell apart.

Starting over

What a mess. But having a blast!

Now we have given up on making houses. We are just being silly now!

Messy hands

I can hear him laughing so hard!

I love this face!

This one survived!


Our gingerbread village. Don't laugh!

OK! They look like crap and we know it. We like to refer to our gingerbread village as "crap lane!"


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