An awesome book Z wrote!

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Christmas, General Information, Holidays

12-16-2011: I made Christmas gifts for all Z’s teachers and the office staff at the school. I made quilted coaster sets (4 coasters in a set). The process took forever to cut and sew but everyone just loved the handmade gift! But Z wanted to give his favorite teachers something special from him. He had written a 10 chapter story in November and wanted to somehow give the story to his teachers. So I took the story to Office Max and had it bound and made 11 copies for him to pass out. He was so excited when I showed him what I did! We wrapped each book and gave it to the teachers on our last day at the school before our move to WA. He even sent a few to his grandparents.

I am so impressed with the story! He started writing it while we were on our house hunting trip in WA; November 3, 2011. He completed the 10 chapter, epilogue, and about the author on November 27, 2011. He absolutely loves to write stories and wants to be an author one day. I am certain he will achieve his goal!

That is one proud boy! Great story honey!

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