2nd grade school play

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Holidays, School

11-18-2011: Z’s class in TX put on a class play for the parents. It was called A Native American Welcome. Since we weren’t sure when Z and I would be moving to WA to meet hubby, the teacher gave Z a very small part, Jonah Hopkins,  in the play.  In fact his line was the last in the whole play; “Let us hope this is the beginning of a long friendship. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!” . I felt sorry for him because he didn’t get a major speaking part like he did in his 1st grade play, but he understood the teacher couldn’t assign him such a big role because we may have moved before the play took place. Mrs. M did give Z the understudy role for all parts in the play just in case were were still there come play day and if someone didn’t show. But as you can see, we were still living in TX when the play took place. Z was happy to do his part and it was such a cute play to watch. I recorded it for hubby to see during the Thanksgiving break.



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