Scouting Collection

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Cub Scouts, Friends

11-16-2011: Z had to make a collection out of something for a scout accomplishment. He chose a leaf collection. I helped him cover it in contact paper to preserve his project. At the den meeting each boy was to talk about their collection. Afterwards, the boys made a thank you card for the firestation and then played a fun t-shirt game. There were two teams of 3 boys and one boy on each team put on an oversized t-shirt. Then two boys hold hands and the remaining boy had to take the shirt off the one boy and put it on the second boy without the boys letting go of hands.  Since there were 3 boys on each team, they took turns holding hands. It was so much fun to watch. Z’s team won. Then they all had some snacks. We are sure going to miss this group of boys and parents when we move!

Z explaining his collection to the den.


Thank you not to the fire station



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