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Ready to drive to WA

Posted: March 29, 2012 in General Information

12-28-2011: The moving truck left TX but we stayed behind to clean the house and tie up loose ends. We had a day willed with visitors! It is going to be so sad to leave but at the same time we are excited to start a new chapter.

12-29-2011: The house is as clean as it is going to get! The realtor has everything she needs! The car is packed and ready to go! So time to hit the road! 3 humans, 2 big dogs and 2 cats and 2100 miles. Wish us luck!! We will need it!

Goodbye house! We will miss you!

This is what the car looked like.

Totally crammed inside with humans and furballs!

This is Z when he was 2 on the airplane for our move to TX. This move to WA is much different!!!! (Wasn't he adorable!)



12-26-2011: I know, the day after Christmas is not the best to start packing for a huge move. But we had no choice. Papa R and E spent the night so they would be at the house to help keep Z entertained and to help with the chaos. And man was it crazy! Hubby had an eye appointment at 7:30am and wasn’t there when the packers showed up to start packing the house. There was 3 guys and holy cow they were fast! It seemed like every time I went looking for something we needed for the drive, it was already packed. The guys were very kind when I asked them to unpack boxes to find whatever it was I felt I needed. It was insane at my house that is for sure! Boxes everywhere! We kept the dogs in the backyard so they wouldn’t disturb the packers. That didn’t last long. I felt so sorry for them peeking in the door looking like “what the heck is going on in there”. Poor pups!

One of the best things about packing day was the fabulous brownies I had that my dear friend S brought over. Ahhhh….they were so delicious! And that peanut butter icing was heavenly! Who cared about the calories! I mean I deserved the treat since we WERE moving the day after Christmas. Haha….

While everyone else was out shopping and enjoying the after Christmas sales, we were at the house getting packed for our move.

Just a few of the zillion boxes that were used!

This is who we used for our move.

OH WAIT!!! We will need these in WA...please don't pack them!

Before I knew it my kitchen was well underway! Did I mention they moved fast!

Sad Shadow wondering what the heck!

Echo girl was not to happy either!

Even Biscuit was concerned! Who knows about Tiger...he was hiding the whole time!

Z played the Wii until they pried the controllers out of his hands to pack.

Papa R hanging out with Z.

E loving on Z too!

Alright guys, you can come in but don't bother the packers.....yeah right!

It's ok will be ok girl!

Hubby is home from his eye appointment just in time for brownies!

Nothing better than coffee and brownies!

This is the pile of crap we need to fit in the car along with the three of us, 2 big dogs and 2 cats.


We had some visitors on 12-28-2011. I wish I would have gotten some pics of S’s visit on 12-27. I am sure going to miss everyone!!!

The 3 M's!

Santa with the pups

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Christmas

Z and I took the pups to see Santa at Petsmart.

12-25-2011: It is finally Christmas morning! Z was so excited to see what goodies Santa left. He also enjoys rushing to the plate of goodies to see if Santa ate his treats. As usual, the snacks were just about gone. Santa must love egg nog! We had a wonderful relaxing morning in our pajamas; like usual. Hubby and I had a great time watching Z open his gifts. Z gasped and yelled with excitement as he opened each gift this year. (Makes me smile just thinking about it!) Papa R and E even came to spend the day with us. I made dinner for us all but not too much since the movers were coming the next day. We even had to take down all our Christmas decorations before the movers came. So the morning/afternoon was about relaxing and spending time with family. The evening was for rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.

Santa came!!!

Check out my stocking filled with goodies!

We even got stuff for Echo and Shadow!

Z spent his own money on our Christmas gifts. Love my jelly beans!

Thought this would be good for the long drive to WA!

Thanks Mom!

The dogs are still playing tug of war with the new toys.

Hubby picked up Z's new scout shirt while he was in WA. We are all ready for our new scout pack!

Hubby even got Z school stuff from his new school in WA.

Check out all the stuff. WOW!

Working on the Mindstorms together.

So glad Papa R and E came to spend our last holiday in TX with us. We will really miss them!!!

Love you guys so much!

Ok….some how I skipped our house hunting trip to WA early November so here goes.

11-3-2011: So hubby accepted the job in WA on Halloween, we put the house up for sale on Nov 1 and were on a plane to WA on Nov 3. Talk about moving fast! We know this move will be a fast one so we are ready to go. So we took Z out of school for a week and we headed to WA to find a house. It was raining a little while we were there – go figure huh! The housing market was tough…houses selling fast! We finally found a house that would work for us and we put an offer on it. Things didn’t feel right at the beginning of the deal and after researching schools some more, we backed out of that deal. So the hunt had to begin again. We luckily found a house we liked over the next couple days.

While we were in WA we went to this restaurant on hubby’s birthday and had the best burgers ever! And they have rootbeer floats as big as your head! Our realtor took us out to eat and got the servers to sing happy birthday to B. It was a fun evening!

Doing homework on the plane. Not fun Mom!

Out the plane window.

The hotel we stayed at.

Hubby's work.

Smallest dang fries we've ever seen!

Writing about the trip.

Our house!

Now that is a rootbeer float!

It is as big as my head!

Happy Birthday B! We love you very much!!! Here's to another great year!

12-21-2011: I can’t leave TX without seeing my dear best friend J and her beautiful kids! I have known Julie for almost 20 years! I love her like a sister and will miss her dearly. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see each other as much as we would have liked to while we both were living in TX, but I know we will still get to see each other once we move. But I COULD NOT LEAVE the state of Texas and not see her so Z and I loaded up in the car and we drove halfway to Houston and met up at Dairy Queen for the afternoon. It was great to get to see J and her kids! Every time we are together or talk it is just like old times…we never ever miss a beat! I love you J!

I miss you J!!!! So glad we talk about everyday - even through voice-mail counts!

Z adores J's kiddos! They play so well together!



12-17-2011: Z lost yet another tooth! Loving that smile!

That is the bruise on his fore head is from roller skating.

12-18-2011: I wanted to throw Z a going away party with his friends so I let him chose what he wanted to do. He picked bowling – so Main Event it was. He got to invite all his friends and he also invited a few of his favorite teachers. The kids got to bowl, eat dinner and play $10 in video games. I even had a cake and some of the kids brought gifts. We didn’t open the gifts at the party because it wasn’t a present party and not everyone brought gifts. He was so excited to even get gifts. What sweet friends! Everyone had a wonderful time and we are really going to miss everyone!

Good friends....good times!

Good friends....good times!

Good friends....good times!

Good friends....good times!

Love this smile!

Z's 1st and 2nd grade teachers. We love them to pieces!

1st, 2nd grade teachers the the awesome librarian!

Party room!

I got a bowling pin for all the kids to sign. Z loves it!

Reading the letter from Mrs. M - 2nd grade teacher. It was so touching!

Mrs. K got me a wax burner. Love it!

Z got some amazing things...heartfelt letters and cards, great travel items, and some fun stuff too. Thank you everyone!

12-17-2011: Z was invited to J’s birthday party at the roller skating rink. He was nervous to go but I told him that skating is so much fun and I used to roller skate all the time. I told him I would even skate with him. So we went to the party and had a blast. The floor was padded so when you fell it didn’t hurt too bad. Unfortunately Z fell one time face first on the padded floor and the indention in the floor left a patterned bruise. He didn’t cry but I immediately put ice on it. He just wanted to skip the sitting out and ice pack part and keep skating. Apparently he now loves roller skating! Told you so!

Check out the pattern of the floor indented on his forehead. Poor guy!

Z and the birthday boy checking out the giant Lego book!

His forehead later that day. That thing is going to leave a bruise! And check out all the other bruises on his arms. He fell a lot but had a blast!

12-16-2011: Today was the last day Z would be attending school in TX. It was also his holiday party in his class. The kids wore pajamas to class and had silly hair day. They also had silly dress up stuff at the party and had a book exchange. The teacher read a super cute story Morris Mouse and His Christmas Trees. As she read the story out loud the kids were supposed to pass the book according to what she read. The words in which to pass the books were “right” and left” and she read those words a lot during the story. It was really cute! The room mom was there taking pictures of the kids and gave them each an instant photo to use for an ornament. It was a stocking ornament that has the instant photo on it – super cute idea! And of course there were snacks involved. It was a fun party but Z got upset as it was ending. I think he was getting nervous about our move. We are going to really miss Cox Elementary!

Check out the Heat Mizer hairdo.

Thanks for taking this pic of us C! I love it!

Making the stocking ornament. Lots of glitter was involved.

Love it!

Book exchange

I LOVE THIS TEACHER and so does Z. We will miss you so much!

My friends, the office ladies, that I will miss dearly!

Me and the principal. She is amazing and I will miss her!